Thursday, 3 July 2014

An article on Self-Love!

It’s time to say...

I Am ME,

And No One Can BE!

Countless folks (including me) feel friendless at times and can’t figure out what else to do with life. Home-Office-Home and Eat-Sleep-Work, these brands of phrases takes over your life and creates clueless irritation many a times. At this moment, if I ask you to spill out everything that’s wrong with you, I truly bet you’d have an extensive listing of all your flaws and disappointments with life. I know that is automatic, it’s the pessimistic dominant half of you. It has become a habitual thing in us to replay the failings over and over. Moreover, the further we do this, the more real and weakening these flaws become. They start to make us. They begin to define our persona, our relations, our confidence and our frame of mind.

But no, no, noooo.... Wait! Breathe! A long, deep breathe! It’s time to lets work on this. I did say in the beginning that I am ME, and no one can BE. That’s it! 
Self-Love is the remedy for this what-d-hell-is-wrong-in-me syndrome.
Figure yourself out; be in love with yourself before you bond with anything else. Start accepting this “I am not perfect but I am me!!!”

Here is goes, a few golden rules from my secret dictionary of happiness:

Ban on Comparison

First of all, comparison is a complete no-no here. If you get on comparing things, you are doomed. U may not have got what exactly you wanted but if u think in deep, you have got the best. Acknowledge what you got, make the most of it and be happy. Walking towards positive affirmations will make all the difference.

Get Some Materialistic Happiness

I truly believe this personally, be materialistic, but within a limit. I know it’s shocking, contradicting the old-age definition that money can’t buy happiness; I chose to differ on this. Money can definitely buy you some happiness if not all. Save up a lots of money and take yourself on a forgotten shopping spree to lift your mood, you can buy endless ice-creams and chocolates for yourself; you can go on a family trip, road-trip or even a foreign trip. Women can buy some awesome jewellery whereas men can afford to buy happiness with his playstation.

Multi-tasking Makes it Worth

I am a multi-tasker and that makes me unique from lots other. Multi-tasking is a talent and every single person should possess it. I know every one or the other can deal with his/her responsibility way better when you are on our own. Your job can’t be done the way it should be by anyone, but you. Be in love with yourself for the reason that you can do the best, no one else. Have faith in you.

Confident and Candid, be Extraordinary

To love yourself, you need to be your own fan. Be confident and speak your mind. Keeping things deep inside will never let you grow. Be active; speak out your mind and this will help you feel better about yourself. Be open, open to ideas, open to changes. Tell your feelings, but also guard your heart. Be outspoken but also polite. Be sure to be assured about what you could do with life. Explore the world to learn more about yourself — give an opportunity to your individuality.

Foodie and Culinary Expertism, Get that Rare Combo

Learn cooking, that is one best way to put your stress away. I can bet on this, the feeling of being appreciated for your awesome food is way incomparable. I am quite big a foodie and also a not-so-bad cook. I breathe with the motto “Eat while you Cook and Cook while you Eat”. Get your hands on this petite tip, and you will be surprised with the amount of importance and attention you receive from your group. Your culinary skills will not only make you popular, but will make an enduring imprint in people’s memory. Along with being an awesome cook, if you are a foodie yourself, this solves half of your miseries. I know this all sounds wonderful and inspiring, but believe me it surly is. Two foodies connect eternally (fact)!

Past is Past, Future is You

It is always better to let go of the past. What I believe myself is that past can’t be changed, but can certainly well be wiped out. You were responsible for your circumstances, and if you can’t change it, just leave it. This explains it. Redefine yourself; refocus on the present version of you! Make changes now, not on the past. Open your eyes, unlock your mind and be determined not to repeat the past errs. The past happened for a reason, and you would acknowledge this lesson of life one day. At times moving on is all one can do. No matter what emotion you’re feeling, permit yourself to experience it fully. Know that if the past didn't exist, we wouldn't know what we know now. This reaction will make you courageous, kind and compassionate in the long run.

So this is it, my self-explanatory rules of life. I accept as true that once you learn to love yourself, everything turn out to be promising. And, this may be exactly where you need to start off so you can begin to live life the way you truly want to live it. 

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