Tuesday, 27 August 2013

There is something about Bangalore !!!




>>> An Abstract Outlook

Bangalore is one of the largest metropolitan cities in India, famously known as the “IT Capital” of the country. The Bengaluru culture is diversified into strikingly disparate lifestyles. It is a manifold of an urbanized posh culture along with a rich traditional rural culture. People come from almost all parts of the country and also from abroad to make individual contributions to the Bengaluru culture.

Major portion of the city’s population comprises of immigrants from every nook and corner of the country. That provides the city with a unique blend of different food culture, work culture and variant lifestyles, making it quite an ethnically diverse land.

Work Culture

Bangalore is known to be a corporate land with several reputed foreign-based MNCs, different public and private firms, and numerous Tech Parks. Bengaluru work culture deals with fixed time cards as well as quite flexible timings. The city never sleeps with thousands of software professionals booming to work 24/7. It is considered heaven for those who come here to pursue a bright career, they never go back disheartened. The city offers opportunities, innovations and experience to all seekers.

Food Culture

Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, manifests a variety of consumption level. While the localites prefer to exhibit their traditional foodie habits, there are others who are enthusiast about tasting different cuisines. From street-eating to fine-dining, this cosmopolitan city offers almost every cuisines of the world to its residents. Although south Indian food is predominantly the regional hot favorites, one surely can get the authentic taste of world’s menu in this food-loving city.

The Life Style

This “Fashion Capital of India” demonstrates a mishmash of contrasting life-styles. Most of the orthodox Kannadigas prefer to live in their traditional way. Their culture is strongly influenced by religious values, different castes and communities, and strict traditions. On the other hand, this fastest growing city also exhibits a very sophisticated style of living. You will find lavish malls, glitzy pubs, flashy clubs and bars, racecourses, for the aristocrats to have a classy time. The latest “Pub Culture” is quite popular amongst the young bangaloreans, which shelters the dazzling night life of the city. Some of the most happening nightclubs and discotheques are located in the city, transforming it as the “'The Pub City of India”.

Bengaluru is a great example of being an amalgam of technological as well as cultural development in the country. It is a worthy place for tourism and also education.Bangalore is very popular amongst students, working professionals as well as tourists who consider it as the prime base for visiting South India. Its enrich culture has made the city the unification point of different civilizations, delicacies and humanism.


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