About Me

This is All About I, Me & Myself!

Simple and fun-lover, that’s what I am, but at times I am quite loud and fun to those I feel comfortable with. I take time to open up, but when I do I am at my best with you. I yearn for love; yearn for friendship, yes I do yearn for a lot of attention. I laugh a lot and sing a lot. Music is my BFF. I'm an always-ready-to-cook chef in the making. I don’t define myself as a pessimist nor an optimist, I’m rather very practical-who believes in the practical outlook of life.
I’m the stable bull as the taurean characteristic inside me depicts—very calm by nature but if angered, can well reveal my volcanic rage (sometimes!)! I’m quite a freethinker with a possessive yet caring mind within. I love travelling, shopping and meeting all kind of people around. They just surprise me! I love challenges and I love being second to none. Writing has been a source of expressing myself, my loneliness and my attitude towards life. It enhances the creativity in me; it treats me like a friend with whom I can share my inner feelings.
I like to read, I like to see and I like to experience. My mom named me “Gariyasi”, and that’s what I always wanted to be “the better-one, the best”. I love lots of money, but not just to spend it, only to keep it. I love my family,I love nature, I love flowers and I love kids. They make me smile! I love God and I know he loves me too. I am deeply in love with the happily-ever-after phrase. All-in-all I describe myself as feminine women with a passionate heart full of trust, the faithful and patient one with a child-like mind inside!

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