Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Its Time to REGALE!!!

Best Way to Pamper Oneself: Get a Chic-y Haircut!

One of the world's toughest thing I feel, is to decide whether to cut your hair or not. I know how patient you need to be to grow your hair long. I know how it hurts to see those flowing and glowing silky hair, of almost every other person around you, except you. Those years of toil, you go through to maintain your not-so-good hair, those months of depression L you felt in seeing those beautiful women everywhere with their always-out-of-salon hairstyles and all those tough moments of sheer resistance u showed successfully, not allowing yourself to give in to a new cut or tangy styling of your curly locks. Phew!! But no, stop now. Get frisky, break all your so-called rules and go spunky. It's time to pamper the heroine within you, she definitely deserves that.

The best way and also the simplest way to do so is to get a new look out of a new haircut. Trimming down your long locks or curling your dead straight hair, as a whole trying a haircut way different from the present one, can't be scary. Rather, it could be a total surprise and maybe the latest gossip amongst all. Remember, it's just H.A.I.R and it won't stop growing once you cut. Why flimsy worries? Hair grow every day, and at any time you can sport another look. It’s a Fact!!! Tell me, do you think so much before cutting your nails or before disbursing bucks in those expensive waxing sessions? No, right? So, why now?

Make up your mind first, assay your face, jot new ideas, fantasize yourself in your entire new look. There is Google to suggest you numerous options. Explore all your favorite hairstyles, your fancy hair designs and pick up one. There you go, dint you find that one perfect look for the day. Fix it up in your mind, also don’t forget to get on your camera and without much thinking head up to the nearest beauty salon. Get ready to turn your chimera to reality.  Choose the right stylist, take him/her into trust and for sure make her partake with you in this new mission rather than making her feel dictated. They may suggest you too many ideas, bore you with their I-know-better stuffs, but no, just stick to your idea and let them implement that. You want an altered look isn’t? Not that same old stuff you end up snagging every time you visit a beautician. Come-on girl, it's your hair, and you know your fantasies better. Make your stylist listen to you, you deserve his or her full attention. I suggest, you affably repeat yourself until you're sure you've been understood. Don’t just say it, always show what exactly you want, the length, the color, the style and everything. You surly got that perfect matching picture from Google right? Now just relax, sit cozy, close your eyes and think of all the beautiful compliments you are going to gain once you step out in your fresh new look.  If in any case, something does not go as per your expectations and you look a less similar than you thought, stop babbling. U can obviously use that great power of patience you have, that you already been using in stopping yourself from cutting your hair all this time, to wait for your hair to grow again.

Be positive inside. Truly, that won't happen ever, I swear because I was there, you will already be looking different once you open your eyes.  You will surly thank that chubby-cheeky girl in your office whose new haircut inspired you to get one, or may be that lovely old friend of yours whose newest profile pic made you try out this new look. Ignore those snub-by people, who are always in a something-is-wrong attitude. You are not liable to defend yourself from their clueless criticism. Your heart will surely beat faster when someone say "Hey girl, you looking fab", or zealous at someone commenting on your post "I too wana try this look!", or that ecstatic feeling when you see the awesome "Wow!" expression in your boyfriend's face. That’s a frantic moment I guess!! Wouldn't you like to experience that?  Why wait, step out and start right now. Tickle your style sense, dazzle your fans and go vivacious. Pamper the princess in you!!!

Monday, 1 April 2013

An Open Career Option!!!

Technical Writing..


For one...for all !!!

Smartly-creative, logically-correct and a very good sense of English- are all that you need to be a technical communicator/ writer. Technical writing was never a stereotyped career option nor will it be any day. It is often been generalized to be a career for the literature students. But no, it’s definitely not that. You may belong to any stream- science, arts or commerce, may it you be an engineer, a doctor or an IT professional, it doesn't matter. But if you really want a secured job and a stable career that is growing day by day, then technical communication is just for you. The only important things you need to have in you are some basic technical skills, ability to understand others’ ideas yet generate your own new ideas and also to have finesse for writing good English. Along with these, a technical writer’s job needs you to be a good analyst plus a good communicator.

The field of technical communication is gaining more importance nowadays due to the rapid growth of technological advancement. In today’s world almost every company needs a Technical writer or Technical communicator to translate any technical data to user understandable data. Technical writing basically explains in detail the technicality of any product in a simple language so that even a common man who is not at all familiar with the technical language could evaluate the details written about that particular product and use it with ease. In short, Technical writers specialize in writing technology for non-technical persons.

The job of a technical communicator is also not a gender inclined career. It doesn’t matter if you are a male or female, to love the combination of technology and writing, as does a tech writer. This job can prove very advantageous for both men and women. If you have the creative and sensible mind like the women or the technical and analytical thoughts of the men, then it’s certainly your cup of tea. It offers good salary as freelancers as well as onsite employees.

I truly agree with the anonymous who said “
Technical writing forms a bridge between the logical (the primarily binary concepts understood by computers, robots, lawyers) and the illogical (the haphazard, inconsistent concepts misunderstood carbon-based life forms, highly intelligent computers, lawyers) via the medium of the grammatical, the haphazardly logical system incomprehensible to both.” Well said!!!

So guys if you want to fill the gap between the logical and illogical world, pull up your socks and get into the shoes of a Technical Writer.