Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Get Behind The Wheels: Be In Charge!

Driving Is All About Confidence, Control And Calculations!!!!

& Women You Have It All In You…!!!


You know how well you keep your house in control; why not try out the wheels? Instead of always sitting beside the wheels, it’s time for you to get behind the wheels. Most often we get to hear a joke or sarcasm about "women-drivers". At least for once, we all have heard people complaining that women are not good drivers. This is a myth, not a fact and I completely disagree with this myth that women can’t get to driving better than a guy. Men have proven themselves in the field of cooking; simultaneously women have proved to be better drivers. Women can be good drivers, but all they need to do is find a good person to teach them and yes, practice a lot. I can guarantee you one thing that women can be slow drivers, but never reckless. A very few fatal accidents reported till date has women in the driving seat! Whereas, man are more prone to all these. This may be because women takes time, thinks a lot before deciding into one thing. The way she is so careful and sober while dealing with her children, her family, the same way she behaves even while holding the steering. 

Recently I went to an outdoor event organized by Toyota “The Liva Queen Contest”. It was a driving competition held for ladies to promote their newest car “Toyota Liva”. Hundreds of women within the age group 18-60 showed up for the contest. And surprisingly they performed so well. Right from knowing the basics of driving rules to the toughest T-parking and slope test, they just made their family proud. At no moment they looked scared or careless. They all were so chirpy yet so full of confidence. They just rocked it and one lucky girl within them took away the cash prize of 50k! Events like these shows how independent and smart women are now days.

Driving is a talent; it is a lifelong skill that will remain with you forever. Ability like this in today’s world is very useful in day to day life. Driving should never be underestimated as it can be very useful in emergency situations and even can save lives. A woman who can drive is an extra bonus for the family and proves to be the worthy companion for her partner in every way. So make up your mind and admit yourself to a driving school asap. Your family, especially your mother/father may have probably told you a thousand of times that driving can be extremely dangerous. I do agree this is true, but you can’t be constantly terrified and sit at home. The same parents do allow their sons to drive a bike or a car at a very tender age, also buy them expensive vehicles. Is it because of they are afraid of your safety or that they don’t have that much confidence in you. Many few women are lucky enough to get to learn driving
after their marriage. It’s a known fact that you get busy with your families and responsibility post marriage, but also can you expect to get that much of freedom (which you didn’t even get in your parents’ home) in your in-laws place? Don’t be naïve, face the reality, tell them and make them understand that whatever is fated will happen it can’t be stopped. An accident does not happen only on road, it may also happen at home, while sleeping in your cozy bed or while enjoying in the bathroom. So should we be that timid?

In that case, I was too lucky myself I must say. I had full support of my family, specially my mom (she is such an independent and smart women), also my father (though he was a little worried at the beginning, may be for the car…lol) and my kiddo sister (who is over-confident on me). I had an awesome instructor too. He taught me all the pros and cons and always told me to relax (He says” It’s just as easy as drinking a cup of milk, but with attention, so that it doesn’t get spilled!” So try to relax while driving, practice a lot because practice makes anyone perfect. If you go wrong at any time, don’t feel ashamed to admit. Don’t act irresponsible anyway. If you acknowledge your mistake, apologize humbly, no way you gonna be in trouble. 

This is a type of mental skill that would make you very confident from within. You will have all the freedom to travel anywhere and anytime you want to without depending on others. You would be appreciated always and sometimes you may even become someone’s point of jealousy. That admiring looks of people around, seeing you controlling the wheels always give me a high! It makes me so happy when my dad boasts about me in front of his friends, when my mom praises me saying a daughter like me is worth a hundred son and also when my sister adores me as her role-model. It is so heavenly a feeling! Inexpressible…

So, ladies set your mind, build confidence and get ready to conquer the roads.

PS:  Always focus on the front windshield and not the review mirror.” Colin Powell

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