Saturday, 4 May 2013

LoNeLiNess Bites!!!

10 Weird Things to do when You are Lonely!!!

Some things really bite, but loneliness the most!  

 May be you have the super-understanding boyfriend/girlfriend, the most loving family, more-than-friends siblings, fun-filled colleagues  but still you yearn for that special person-the one you can open your heart to. Ya, in my life I do miss that person. So, I really know that conflicting and unreasonable feeling of loneliness that you can never explain to any other person who has never been through this feeling. This secluded emotion is very hard to describe. This mysterious feeling comes in either two ways--social dejection or mental seclusion.  The first usually comes to people who have too much of work-load, family responsibilities or professional commitments, no time for any entertainment in life due to scarcity of time, but the later one prevails from childhood, sometimes when there has been lack of friendship or absence of meaningful persons/relationships in our life. 
But in any way this state of solitude is very depressing and painful. It makes us jealous of the people who are always surrounded by friends. It makes us feel pathetic when you see them sharing almost every terms and condition of their life. But you should not lose it totally, don’t lose hope; don’t depart from your confidence. Always remember it is a feeling, not the fact. You have to accept it and work it out in a positive way, isn’t? The most common complain today is loneliness. Today’s psychologists do agree with it. So what to do in this situation? Definitely not sulk!! Take the responsibility to make yourself happy. Try becoming your own best friend. Well here are some totally mind-blowing, yet weird ideas to divert your mind, occupy your scattered mind towards a creative direction in these tender moments.

      1. Invest time in your Hobbies!

It’s a great time to get engage in your hobbies. May it be your tremendous likings for 
reading books, gardening, painting, singing, writing etc. anything but get involve, to 
kill your loneliness. If you are too good at cooking, then it’s an awesome opportunity to enhance your culinary skills. Well this time, not for others, but for you. If you have a pet, then you longer going to feel lonely. Otherwise you can just try jotting down your experiences or ideas (just like am doing it now).

     2. Listen to Music, Music and only Music!

Goddamn it helps! Music is a great healer. Put your sound system in full volume with your favorite music on (unless its 12 in the midnight!) 
while doing your household chores. Sing out loud along with it. Scream out your emotions, let you be yourself. It definitely makes you feels like the owner of the house.

   3. Watch TV, Movies, Series…!

Watch any damn thing you like. Let the TV on, u won’t feel alone in the house. It feels like people are around you and they are talking. Those characters in your favorite serial are your new best friends. You can enjoy their company without having to know them personally. This is an absurd idea but it surely lets you preoccupy your time, makes you laugh, and just keeps you engaged like real friends do. And if it’s your favorite series or movies, then you will never know how time will fly.

   4. Pamper Yourself!

Put that expensive face pack on, which you have bought long ago but never got time to 
put on. Go for the special pedicure or spa treatment you always wanted. Or else make a home-made hair mask about which you have recently read on a magazine but never tried out due to lack of time. You can also try out those new dresses you got few days back. Or get a new shade of nail-polish. Click a snap of yourself; you do need a brand new profile pic for Facebook. Right? Just pamper yourself and you will feel beautiful inside yet not-lonely at all.

   5. Get Cyber-psychic!

Get full-on over the internet. Write, email, chat, video-chat and communicate in every possible way. Along with knowledge it provides tremendous entertainment. Facebook, Linked‘in, Twitter, Skype etc… all can keep you just engaged. Sometimes, FB friends can be very supportive I guess! Social media can be a lot of help, only when you are not over obsessed with it. Or else if you want to laugh your heart out just log on to YouTube and search for some funny videos over the world. I bet you will forget the creepy loneliness in you. My personal favorites are watching funny commercials, fail compilations, movie mistakes and all those funniest and shocking gossips! Try it and I don’t think it would be worthless.

 6. Eat Ice-creams and Chocolates (or any junks)!

Whoever has said “Women prefer chocolates more than sex” is not wrong at all!
 I being a chocoholic myself can really tell you how it is effective in forgetting your un-pleasantries of life. And don’t forget ice-creams- it makes you cool and its delicious taste comes as a reward to you. Also you can get hold of your favorite junk foods. A special plate of masala-puri or that crispy vada-pau may be is waiting just for you. It makes you feel back to school again, the age when you were crazy for small things like this. Try to find happiness in that tasty pizza, that delicious french-fries or that juicy falooda!

  7. Go Out, make a Move!

Move-out, make-out, just go and get some air. Who said you can’t go alone for shopping? You can definitely. Go out on a shopping spree; buy whatever you want to, may it be clothes, cosmetics or even grocery items. This way you can spend quality time with yourself.

   8. Try something New, something Remarkable!

Try something totally new. If you cannot cook, try making something, cook a real meal. Try writing a blog or journal, try painting or pick up a good book to read on. May be you can plan to learn a creative new skill like driving, swimming or dance.  Why not take up photography seriously now, or create anything innovative like a piggy bank, a flower vase or a picture collage. You will never know what hidden talent may come out within you! It would be a great surprise for you.

   9. Renovate, Clean and Organize!

Clean your surroundings, it will make you feel cool and hygienic. Why not renovate your room. You are no less than a celebrity. So why not live like them. Make it beautiful, different from the previous look, something unusual and you will feel so new. To organize your own feelings first organize your room; start with your wardrobe, your study-table or your jewelry box. Now see how positive you feel.

                                            10. Finally Dream on!

You must be thinking how dreaming can minimize your loneliness. But it does, try and see. Dream on about your future, your career and your relationships. Be optimistic! Always look on the brighter side of life! May be your not-so-lucky past might lead you to a picture-perfect future ahead. Be happy and content within yourself and think how you can give in fully to make your coming days worry-free. Be organized and plan accordingly. Keep dreaming and set yourself to run after it. Add that missing color to your dreams.